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New photo page. Miracles of YAHUVEH's Glory in the sky.
New photo page. Miracles of YAHUVEH's Glory in the sky.

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April, 11, 2010

Learn why it is important to know about anointing oil and anointing yourself and your place.

Anoiting was also used in the old bible days. Anointing oil (olive oil or even cooking oil) serves as a representation of YAHUSHUA'S Blood which will protect you and your family. The anointing oil can be applied to the corners of doors and windows in your house and even outside your house. Before we apply the oil, we first pray and ask ABBA YAHUVEH that it will be a representation of YAHUSHUA'S Blood and that the power of the HOLY SPIRIT (RUACH HA KODESH) will flow through it. Take a drop of oil on your finger and anoint your hands in the NAME of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH. Then you anoint the corners of the windows and the doors in the NAME of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH. Ask ABBA YAHUVEH to protect your house. Ask HIM that HE will send HIS angels for extra protection.

From Prophecy 56:
But MY Children who are in the arks, the ark is wherever I have put you to stay as this evil passes by. I tell you this: anoint your houses, anoint your doors, for just as in the days of old, just as when the plagues came, the children of Israel were safe. Those that worship other gods were not. The angel of death passed by and did not touch the children of Israel. But those that worshipped other gods, those that serve no god felt the hand of Almighty God YAHUVEH's wrath. I am allowing this.
March, 16, 2010

Say NO to any vaccinations!!!

Very important!!!
South Africa, the swine flu vaccinations is population control. Don't take it!! There is poison in the vaccines! They start with the children and the elders. Children will be given 2 doses. It's deadly. Protect your children and the the elders!!! On 17 March 2010 they begin with the vaccinations!! Turn to YAHUSHUA for protection against swine flu!

See Prophecy 62 - THE KING IS COMING!
"For so many people will be herded like cattle into even stadiums and coliseums.
But beware MY Children, there's death that they will inject in you."

Bible verse: Zechariah 14:1,9 (14 April 2009)
Behold, a day of YAHUVEH is coming..And YAHUSHUA shall be King over all the earth; in that day YAHUVEH shall be one and HIS NAME one.